Create magic with the click of a button! An opportunity to learn the finer to the nuances of digital photography. Today devices like phones, touchpads, digital cameras, and DSLRs give you photographic liberty. The course allows students to make this hobby a profession.

This program helps students befriend the camera and learn camera handling like a Pro as they learn the composition of shots, capture moments and give it a unique personal touch. The course covers a wide range of topics ranging from Photography basics to DSLR Photography.


  • Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO, Exposure, Focus
  • Diffractions, Wavelengths of light
  • Pixels, CCD & CMOS Image Sensors
  • Zoom, White Balance, Annotation, Compression
  • Composition, Shape, Line, Form
  • Texture, colour, Perspective, Depth
  • Low of Thirds
  • How to work with Artificial Lighting
  • Avoid Looming Shadows
  • Posing Techniques, Portrait styles, Portrait Composition
  • Understanding Makeup & Hair styling
  • Techniques in Fashion Photography
  • Digital Retouching
  • Work with Mixed Natural & Artificial Light
  • Fine Details of Flash & Studio Shooting
  • How to use Diffused Lighting
  • Working with Multiple Lights
  • Depth of Field
  • Table Top Photography
  • Different Subjects & Techniques
  • Composition & Styling Techniques
  • Fashion Photography
  • Developing a Fashion-Photographer Style
  • Styling


This program equips students with skills that enable them to either seek employment as a Photographer at various studios or start their own entrepreneurial setup.


Applicant should have cleared  primary school


Part Time: 100 Hours