Academy of Filmmaking

What you see on the silver screen in 70mm in a dark theatre is the result of months of hard work and the collective talent, experience and vision of the Director, the Production Designer, Sound Director, Special Effects team, Editing team, the Director of Photography and a tireless crew of support staff.

In line with the script, the film crew collectively decides how the audience should feel throughout the film, and then they plan every beat, location, moment, lighting setup, musical cue, actor’s expression down to the last detail to make the audience feel particular emotions while taking the story forward.

Film making is probably the biggest teamwork effort in the creative field and yet it promises to let every talent shine in their respective departments. Chances are that you already have set your heart on a particular aspect of storytelling and wish to excel at it. Whichever aspect of storytelling may be your calling, ICE has just the program for you. Choose your passion and let ICE equip you with the industry best skills to become a shining star of the world of storytelling.