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About ICE

Crafted by Ekta Kapoor, ICE (The Institute of Creative Excellence) emerges as a visionary institution at the forefront of Media & Entertainment education. With ISO certification and a range of specialized courses across academies, we lead in quality and innovation. Join us in the journey of entrepreneurship in acting, modeling, cinematography, direction, and editing. Shape futures with ICE Institute – where talent meets opportunity.

Be ready to embark on a journey of entrepreneurship in the thriving entertainment industry? Look no further! ICE Institute presents lucrative franchise opportunities in acting, modeling, cinematography, direction, and editing courses. Join our esteemed network and tap into a world of creativity, innovation, and success. With ICE Institute, you’ll not only inspire talent but also shape futures. Discover the power of partnerships today.

Ekta Kapoor Academic Council Member

As a television producer and director, it’s exhilarating to see new talented people spread across the country. At ICE, we shape those skills by bestowing practical and theoretical knowledge while creating unprecedented and award-winning visual storytelling to engage audiences worldwide.

Jeetendra Kapoor Academic Council Member

A lot has changed since my golden years in the film industry. Today’s production houses have adapted to the latest trends in film making. ICE was founded to polish students’ talent and understand what the new generation of audience are looking for.

Jayesh Sheth Academic Council Member

I became a prominent fashion photographer with dedication and pushing myself to learn new technology to parallel today’s industry demands. ICE stimulates the artist within students and encourages them to work with the latest equipment used in modern day films and entertainment.

Monty Sharma Academic Council Member

Working In The Industry As A director And Music Composer, I Know That Dance, Songs, and Acting Are Paramount For The Triumph Of Indian Cinema. ICE Concentrates On Coaching Talented Aspirants To Feel The Emotional Connection To Become Tomorrow’s Superstars.

Celina Jaitley Academic Council Member

Whether you choose fashion, film, or explore other film careers, students must acquaint themselves with the trends of today’s media and entertainment industry before auditioning. At ICE, we teach student to master their talent to feature in films, commercials, music videos and fashion events.

Franchise Requirements

Invest in Your Creative Future with Us

We are seeking a fully furnished space spanning 500 to 600 sq. ft., ideally located within an educational hub area. Accessibility is key, so the location should offer convenient connectivity to railway stations, bus stops, and airports.

Franchise Training

Comprehensive Training and Support.

Our brand offers free, extensive training to support your center’s operations. We assist in hiring human resources and provide a dedicated manager for ongoing employee training and retraining, ensuring your success.

Marketing Support: Replace in with (IT Systems )

Cutting-Edge Technology Included

Our brand provides comprehensive assistance to franchises for lead generation across various platforms. With our robust IT systems, operations are streamlined for enhanced efficiency and seamless integration, ensuring smooth and effective tracking of leads.

Franchise Agreement

Transparent Franchise Agreement

Our franchise agreement covers territory rights, fees, duration, operational guidelines, brand support services, marketing obligations, training requirements, and renewal/termination terms. It ensures clarity, transparency, and mutual benefit for both parties involved.


What is the Franchisee fee to open an ICE center?

The Franchise fee for opening an ICE center depends on your location. In metro cities, the Franchise fee is higher as compared to tier non metro cities.

What is the minimum area required for starting an ICE Franchise?

The minimum area required for starting the ICE center is 500 – 600 Sq. Ft (Size varies according to the location).

What is the investment requirement to open an ICE center?

The total investment required to open an ICE center ranges from 8-12 Lakhs. However, the cost can also vary from one place to another.

Is a personal meeting with an ICE director mandatory?

Yes, personal meetings with the ICE director is quite essential to move further. Due to some reasons if the Franchisee can not visit the office then they have the option of connecting through a Video call.

Do you provide any startup kit at the time of opening?

Yes, we do provide startup kit for the initial establishment of your center. We provide study material, various certifications, promotion branding material and stationary.

How much time will it take to get an ICE Franchise?

For getting ICE Franchise you need to follow the allocation process with transparency in hand. This whole process requires 7 to 15 working days and after this, you will become the successful partner of ICE. From documentation to verification, everything is done with full concentration and in strict timeline.

What type of perks will I get by joining hands with ICE Institute?

After becoming a partner of ICE you will enjoy below-listed benefits

  • ICE provides full guidance for the establishment of new centers with proper layout and interior plan. 
  • With ICE, you will get a very strong brand pull and ease of operation. 
  • ICE provides state-level marketing to magnify the name of the brand.
How does the ICE head office provide support in faculty recruitment?

ICE is well versed in providing support for the recruitment of faculties and other staff with a proper stratified interview process. It further offers support in training the faculties and staff at office. Moreover, ICE equip the franchise with quality training material according to industry changes.

How many staff members are required?

To ensure the smooth operation of the ICE Franchise, the Franchisee will need a team of 4 dedicated employees. This includes a counselor, a telecaller, a center head/branch head, and an office assistant. ICE will assist in the selection process and provide comprehensive training to ensure efficiency and success in their roles. Our support extends beyond hiring, ensuring that each team member is equipped to excel in their responsibilities.

How much time will it take to hire trainers and staff members after getting the license?

Being a proficient educational brand, ICE offers full support in hiring staff members. After getting a Franchise ICE takes 7-15 working days to hire the resource persons.

What will be the salary range of trainers?

The salary of the Employee varies from one location to another which depends on the education and experience. Although maximum limit for every employee is set.

Who will pay the salaries to the staff hired for my Franchise Center?

All the salaries of the hired staff will be paid by the franchise holder. After the documentation procedure, the franchise holder is the owner of the branch so they are required to pay the salaries. The head office will only help in the entire recruitment process of the staff members.

Is it mandatory to hire a center manager to handle the branch?

No, it is not mandaory to hire a center manager if the Franchisee owner in completely involved in the day to day operations of the center.

Is it required to hire HR at the center level?

No, it’s not required to hire HR at the center level as the head office is there to support you for the recruitment of staff members.


What type of support departments are available at ICE head office?

As a leading educational Brand, ICE has various support departments at there at ICE head office that are available to make the journey of Franchisee easy and effortless. You will receive support from various departments such as Startup & training support, System & IT support, Marketing & design support and Recruitment & HR support.

How to contact the designated person in head office?

ICE head office provides a proper support sheet filled with essential requirements to all the centres where they can get desired assistance from an allocated person.

Are there any charges to get support from ICE?

No, you are not required to pay any charges to avail the regular support from various departments of ICE.

For how long will I get support from ICE?

You can avail full support from ICE if your license holds validity. So, to experience full back up on your part you need to renew your license after 3 years.

Does ICE help us to generate leads for our franchise?

As a leading presence in the Media and Entertainment sector, ICE stands out as an expert educational brand, renowned for delivering top-notch training to aspiring students. If you’re considering partnering with ICE, rest assured that we are committed to supplying you with high-quality leads, ensuring a steady stream of student inquiries. 

What marketing support I will get after partnering with ICE?
  • Digital Marketing- ICE believes that utilizing advanced technologies and methods can majorly help us in delivering our thoughts to masses. So, we provide full digital support to all our partners.
  • SEO Support ICE is equipped with adroit SEO professionals who are skilled in increasing the ranking and website traffic of websites. You will receive full SEO support from ICE
  • Design Support – ICE has in-house media department to provide all kind of promotional and social media designs from time to time..
How to raise a request to get support from ICE Head office?
  • For availing support from head office you are required to contact the Franchise support Manager or you can raise a query with the help of ERP software. This will not only save your time but also give you an appropriate solution.

Our Courses

Advance Acting

Duration: 7 Months(Training) + 2 Months(Internship)

Advance Direction

Duration : 7.5 Month(Training) + 2Month(Internship)

Advance Editing

Duration: 4Month (Training) + 2Month (Internship)


Duration : 3 months


Duration : 1 months

Script Writing

Duration : 3 months


Duration : 3 months


Duration : 3 months

Screenplay & Direction

Duration : 3.5 months

Online Acting Essentials

Duration : 2.5 months

Online Film Making

Duration : 2.5 months

The ICE Advantage

Franchise Opportunities

Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Journey with ICE Creative Excellence Franchise.

Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Journey with ICE Creative Excellence Franchise.

Invest in Your Passion for Creativity.


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Your Success,Your Future.

Assure potential franchisees that the franchise term is renewable, offering a continued partnership with ICE Creative Excellence Pvt Ltd.

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