Making a movie or a TV show is a complicated and intricate process. Since all the facets of film making like acting, direction, sound, writing, etc. are interwoven, it is essential that things flow smoothly. A slight disturbance can upset the whole process. It is the job of the producer to systematically plan and execute the tasks required to keep things moving forward.

Production is a broad umbrella that oversees and supervises all other processes. This necessitates an understanding of all disciplines of film-making.

The ICE Production Program is designed to give students a 360° view of all the facets of the media and entertainment industry. They are taught script development, raising finance, organizing the shoot, post-production and in the case of movies even the marketing. The program uses a judicious mix of class lectures, field visits, workshops and training.


  • An introduction to what a producer does
  • Basics of scripting, direction, cinematography, editing and sound
  • The essentials of production which includes script breakdown, scheduling, budgeting, crewing, casting, contracts and negotiations
  • Basics of film production and other industry practices
  • Basics of television production
  • Pitching and presentations


The program preps students to start a career as independent Line Producers, Unit Production Managers and Production Co-Coordination. Students can also get absorbed in the industry as Assistant Line Production Managers, Location Managers and Production Assistants for short films, documentary, web series, TV Show production besides film production


Applicant should have cleared primary school


Full Time: 3 Months