Comprehend the makings of the industry at the ICE film
academy in India

Curriculum Summary

Discover your interest by taking a film making course in India at ICE

This program is a fifty-hour online program spread over two months where kids can explore all the possibilities and understanding of the movie industry. Our goal in this course is to channel their creativity and imagination with fun while also expressing themselves through the magic of cinema.
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August 21st



50 hrs


Program Fee

Attractive Scholarship

Program Overview

ICE film academy India provides an exclusive chance for kids to channel their creativity in a cinematic way
A youngsters’ mind is full of imagination, innovation, and perspective. ICE is among the best filmmaking schools in the world that understands the creativity of young minds. This orientation to film making course in India covers modules that educate kids and teens with the makings and the introduction to cinema magic. It can also help significantly in their personal growth and character development.

Our mission is to be always among India’s best film schools with an orientation program to teach youngsters about the industry through a structures series of modules that includes film-screening sessions, story collages, drawing, folk tales with morals, shoots, and all facets of film making the importance of different professions to bring out their interest and the storytellers in them.

We cover various sectors of filming from basic photography to writing a script giving them a chance to feel the industry from within.

Program Highlights

ICE Proposes Programs with A Medley of Unique Features

Live Online


Engaging Virtual Video Lessons to Visualize Concepts and Polish Skills



Equipped With the Latest Equipment, Infrastructure, And Resources for Spot Assignments



A Look at Distinct Topics of Interest to Learn, Comprehend and Be Inspired



Comments, Feedback, And Suggestions Between Fellow Students to Enrich Talent Performance



Role-play Scenarios to Facilitate Learning Through Representation and Structured Practice



A Prospect for Students to Probe Their Interests in The Industry

Our Key Faculties

ICE is fortunate to have renowned personalities from the industry as our faculty members

Sushil Jadhav

The Institute of Creative Excellence

Learning Outcomes

Eligibility for Orientation to Film Making (8-17yrs) course is primary school

Y-S-M Orientation To Film Making (L1) Curriculum

The curriculum covers

Program Certificate

Students who complete any course are awarded certificates that are globally recognized and widely preferred within the industry.

Create a footing for all professions in art performance, acting, or filmmaking with an internationally recognized and accepted certification from ICE Institute. ICE was the first media and film institute to receive the ISO certification on quality standards and continues to make history within the industry.

We offer dual certification on selective courses with government certification. ICE is the authorized partner of Media & Entertainment Skill Council (MESC) which is promoted by FICCI & NSDC for setting standards while training and accreditation falls under (PMKVY) scheme of government of India. This is beneficial since MESC has a mandate to create a skilled workforce of 11.4 lakhs by 2022.

Sushil Jadhav

The Institute of Creative Excellence

Sushil graduated in film direction and screenplay writing from the institute at India FTII, Pune. and holds a master’s in mass media and communication studies from Pune University. Since then, he has directed several documentaries and short films which appreciated in several film festivals. He has also worked for ad films as a copywriter and director.