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ICE AAIT Events – Bhopal Audition – 2nd August
Chandigarh Audition – 3rd August
Noida Audition – 3rd August
Indore Audition – 3rd August
Jamshedpur Audition – 3rd August
Dehradun Audition – 3rd August
Gorakhpur Audition – 4th August
Delhi Audition – 4th August
Pune Audition – 4th August
Kanpur Audition – 4th August
Varanasi Audition – 4th August
Mumbai Audition – 4th August
Gwalior Audition – 4th August
Panipat Audition – 25th August
Jabalpur Audition – 10th August
Bhubaneshwar Audition – 10th August
Bengaluru Audition – 10th August
Bhopal Audition – 10th August
Dehradun Audition – 10th August
Mumbai Audition – 11th August
Asansol Audition – 11th August
Delhi Audition – 11th August
Patna Audition
Date: 11th August
Jodhpur Audition – 11th August
Varanasi Audition – 11th August
Sharanpur Audition – 11th August
Nagpur Audition – 11th August
Aurangabad Audition – 11th August
Agra Mega Audition – 11th August
Guwahati Mega Audition – 11th August
Mumbai Audition – 18th August
Mangalore Audition – 18th August
Delhi Audition – 18th August
Lucknow Audition – 18th August
Amritsar Audition – 18th August
Kanpur Audition – 18th August
Varanasi Audition – 18th August
Imphal Audition – 18th August
Shillong Audition – 18th August
Guwahati Audition – 21st August
Patna Mega Auditions – 23rd August
Bhopal Audition – 24th August
Dehradun Audition – 24th August
Ahmedabad Audition – 25th August
Pune Audition – 25th August
Delhi Audition – 25th August
Allahabad Audition
Date: 25th August
Kanpur Audition – 25th August
Varanasi Audition – 25th August
Chandigarh Audition – 25th August
Mumbai Audition – 25th August
Agra Audition – 25th August
Rourkela Auditions – 25th August
Imphal Auditions – 25th August
Agartala Auditions – 31st August



Founded by Ekta Kapoor, ICE had the vision of creating talent for this dynamically growing industry.
Today, ICE offers the widest range of programs in the Visual Storytelling arena

The ICE Edge


ICE is about empowering, inducing and leveraging creative film-making talent.
Our eminent and professional faculty, helps students shape ideas and develop a knack for execution while gaining command over the stimulating and innovative techniques of filming. We help students translate their aspirations into the invaluable craft of storytelling!

The ICE Edge, Stand out from the crowd
  • ICE Launchpad
  • Emphasis on personality development
  • Guest sessions by Industry professionals
  • Career driven Curriculum
  • Class-leading Infrastructure
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Student Speak

Shubham Garg, Batch 41

It is very reassuring to be at ICE. I mean they know the art of Visual Story Telling like no other. Their infrastructure, their style of teaching is one of the best in the industry. Best of all is the grooming and personality development electives with the course, I think they are a great confidence booster for us and will help us when we step out into the Industry

Pravin Patil, Batch 29

I am pursuing my Filmmaking course from ICE. It has been a great experience, the campus is nice and the staff is very friendly. The institute has the latest equipment, which I believe will help me be ready for my job. The part I like the most is that the staff here gives attention to each student and invests in their learning curves, helping us truly learn our craft.

Akhilesh Srivastava, Batch 13

At ICE, we have training professionals from the industry who have solid experience in their craft. This makes us rely on and vouch upon the institute with great assurance. Also, the celebrity speak sessions give you an opportunity to meet and engage with our idols and the big names in the industry.

Alumni Speak

The ICE Launchpad

A place where newly acquired skills meet opportunities.

A uniquely designed platform that provides students a springboard to launch their careers in this complex world of Visual Story Telling.

ICE Launchpad gives its members’ visibility to opportunities in the industry through its 220+ partners comprising of production houses, editing studios, casting directors, and broadcasting networks.

ICE believes in its students and the skills it imparts, hence once you decide to join the fraternity you get a chance to be a member for life.

ICE Launchpad is the only Placement cell that offers its students a lifetime access to its resources and opportunities.

ICE launchpad
Academic Council

The ICE Academic Council

At ICE we believe Quality to be the only differentiator. Thus our focus is to offer quality experience through our curriculum, infrastructure and teaching.

The ICE Academic Council at ICE comprising of some the most well-known, talented and multi-faceted personalities in the Indian entertainment industry ensures that we deliver on our promise. They are supported in the endeavour by an eminent Advisory Board and a team of Instructors who are industry veterans.



The campus has an indescribable energy, drawing strength from the vibrant interpersonal creative exchanges among students and faculty. More than a shared space, it is , above all, a place where boundaries are tested, innovative ideas percolate and manifest, and creativity is honoured at every corner. A sprawling of 7500 Sq feet campus houses 13 live sets, multiple Studios, classrooms, a rich library.


We Are Just A Handshake Away!
ICE, institute of creative excellence is one of the best institutes for learning the Art of Storytelling and understanding the nuances to get it right. Partner with us and add value to your business.